Guides and Tutorials

Sharing some articles I’ve written recently while working in Elixir.

Some are how-to guides and others for reference. Will update this post as things are added.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find something useful!


Just came across your website looks pretty good!


The pagination seems to be off. For example, I’m on, but I still see: Page 1 of 2 (Older articles) instead of (Newer Articles) Page 2 of 2.

Actually, “both pages” seem to be identical in content.

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Oh interesting. Thanks. I’ll take a look

Hopefully following the guidelines,

New post on handling ENV variables in Phoenix

Just published a new series on Deploying Phoenix with Edeliver and Distillery to Ubuntu, designed for those getting started with Elixir and deployment.

Some highlights:

  • Build and Deploy on a Single Server
  • Local Postgres Database
  • Nginx as a reverse proxy
  • SSL Certificate with live domain
  • Systemd for auto-restarts
  • Managing production deployment:
  • Deploy / Rollback / Restart application releases
  • Run production database migrations
  • Check production application logs

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