Pi_dash - automotive (rally) dash written in Elixir and React that runs on Raspberry Pi

Hey, this is my first big project that I would like to share with this community. I’ve done it because of lack of tachometer in my 'soon-to-be` amateur rally car as well as to practice Elixir skills.

Checkout the project on GitHub here: pi_dash

I’ve only tested with 3 different cars so far (oldest form 2004 and newest from 2016) and it seemed to work fine.

Since I’m not JS and GUI expert there is still a lot to be done there, but the minimalistic/simple version does the job for now :slight_smile:

Any feedback, ideas and contribution will be highly appreciated.


As a fellow grease monkey, this kind of project has been on my “Todo List” for the longest time. Well done!


great work!

wonder if https://github.com/smartrent/blue_heron can be used to interface the cheap bluetooth ELM327 dongles… so much so I’ve ordered one of them…

Thanks :slight_smile: as long as a cheap bluetooth dongle set’s up a serial port upon successful pairing and device setup (I believe it’s always the case), then you can specify that the application should connect to it. I’ve added description how to do it in the README

I haven’t tested yet how well does it work with BT, but I assume it shouldn’t be any worse than with USB. I’m not able to test it with RPi, because I don’t have the BT hat.

Anyway if you were to test it with RPi and BT please let me know, so we could get some robustness changes implemented if it misbehaves :slight_smile: