Pipeline Ligatures

Just published a version of FIra Code with a more distinguished looking pipeline. Fira Code Piped


Is it really comfortable?

I think it looks better in a lighter color, but yeah I like the way it makes long pipelines look :man_shrugging:

I will stick to my right pointing triangle.

Not that I do not like your modification, but for me, the connected pipe elements seem semantically wrong. For me it looks as if activityBlocks or conn are piped unchanged into each of the function calls individually instead of beeing transformed and passed on to the next.

Also, as someone who alwasys looks at the wrong details, it would totally bother me, that the last pipe is also a T… It has to be an L to be perfect… But this might just be my own disturbed perception :wink:

Anyway, as a Fira user myself, I’m eager to see other modifications to ligatures. Perhaps even a tool that helps us to generate a personal mix?(*)

(*) I’m not happy with the ligatures for ===, which looks very heavy (3 horizontal bars), and even worse, its negated forms =/= and =!= are only 2 bars. So not only the heavy look of the positive form, but also the inconsistentency with its negated forms.

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