Platform dependend lib and include paths with zigler

is there a way to specify platform dependend library and include paths for third party libs ?

I do not need to cross compile, it’s more or less, if you are developing on mac, thirdparties are usually under /opt/homebrew/[lib|include], with linux you might be happy using the system_libs: directive, or specifying a different path, same for the includes.

Directly in a zig project, I added the .addLibPath(<Path to additional system libs>) to the target, and link with .linkSystemLib(<name>) in build.zig, just the first one is platform dependend.

any hint would be appreciated

After inspecting the build.zig template I have done some simplifications and checked the behaviour and all works now just using system_libs:, without using any include or lib strange, I’ve also cleared caches. So all is nice, well and good

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