Please add DGraph DB to Elixir - support one more graph db

Here we go

Dgraph is a very powerful graphical database. It is still undergoing changes, but I believe it is one of the best it has today. Although it is changing a lot adding new features.

They support Post HTTP, gRPC, and so on. I imagine it would be simple now use these supports they give us. However, I believe a more native support. Using gRPC or even some simple integration solution that can natively understand Dgraph for Elixir.


There is already. It seems to not be using grpc, though


That can be really cool, I’ve working with Dgraph for about a month (I created a PR to dgraphex to support virtual fields and resolvers), is pretty cool and the new update is very promising, but as I mention in that post Elixir don’t have any functional Grpc library so it will make harder to support Dgraph for elixir

For the moment I’ve working in a parser to Absinthe request to Dgraph request, but seems like it will be obsolete when the 0.9 will be release, so I’m thinking if really continue using Dgraph or just stick to another solution…


Google Trolled me…

I swear I looked for something related to Dgraph and Elixir and found nothing promising. What you’re showing me gave me hope LOLLL Thank you!!

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I saw your comment with the Dgraph staff. Manish said that in the future they may can give support. I made a post there commenting on switching from Go lang to Elixir the Dgraph Client code.


Whenever I try to find a library for a language, I start with github, not google.

For example, in this case I typed dgraph language:Elixir into github’s search field and elbow-jason/dgraph_ex3 was the only result.


see this idea here

This “Join-Monster” has a very interesting and abstract concept. If we had something similar for a module for Elixir + Dgraph. It would be the holy grail. For it would not depend on much (Although something native would be better).And except for new endpoints that Dgraph staff may change again in the future.

Join-Monster copies both Schema and resolves and acts as a middleware. Sending to the database (Postgress, MySQL or something) the exact query that a Dgraph Client uses. That is, Join-Monster adapts to the user’s Schema and the client query. DgraphQL does something similar.

I usually search for articles. For if I go searching in GitHub I will see hundreds of repositories that escape my goal. Google in thesis would give me an accurate result if there were blogs or other sources talking about the topic. Abstract searches are best with search engines.

Sorry for the late response. I’ve been really busy ^^’

It look pretty cool! As I can see you can achieve the same with Ecto (look absinthe ecto) but there is not something that batch all the construct joins and so on (for the moment), I’ve been very tempted to make a library on Ecto for DGraph but I’m really sure if they can fill that well as I’m thinking ^^’

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since dgraph_ex currently only supports Dgraph v0.8x and there were some breaking changes in Dgraph v1.x, I opened an issue a few days ago.

The original author seems to be busy. So I forked the project and created a branch with support of Dgraph v1.x.

This fork is a work in progress to quickly add support for Dgraph v1.x.
Please check out the README for more infos.


I started writing a client based on gRPC. You can find it here.. Please note that this is work in progress and not at all done.

Any suggestions and contributions are very welcome!