Please commit your Livebook to GitHub!

I made a PR to add .livemd extension to GitHub linguist.

But it’s pending now because of its less popularity on GitHub.
I love Livebook, so want to introduce it to many people.
If .livemd can be rendered as Markdown on GitHub, many people will fill Livebook more friendly.



What can we do to increase popularity?

Is there a vote I can cast somewhere… or do I need to include a lib in my project?


In most cases we prefer that each new file extension be in use in at least 200 unique :user/:repo repositories before supporting them in Linguist.

Current state:

Unique public user/repos: 28

So, anyone who got a lib on github just add a .livemd as interactive readme.


Now it has been merged but has not been released yet.


Finally, it has been released!

Now .livemd files are rendered as Markdown on GitHub.


Congratz! Thanks for taking the initiative and keeping us up to date :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh yea. Thanks so much for getting this in there! This is amazing. I checked a notebook in one of my existing repositories, and it looks great (your rendering, not my code. :slight_smile:).

Will this render the graphs and charts that Livebook can have in notebooks?

It’s just markdown rendering. If Livebook saves graphs and charts as images, they can be rendered.