Please help us test Pelemay (prev known as Hastega) on various processor architectures

Thanks many contributors!!! At last, Pelemay can also be used in your application by describing in mix.exs!!! And, it also supports macOS, Linux and Windows on the x86_64 architectures!!!

I’d like to broaden supported processor architectures, but I don’t have so many architectures for testing.

Thus, I wrote an issue that help wanted:

I’m looking forward to your contribution.


Pinned for a week Susumu - hope we get lots of people testing it for you :023:


Just tested on my main machine and posted on GitHub. Will post when I test on a few others as well.

Good luck with Hastega / Pelemay! We’re all very excited for the future of this project. It can make a world of difference.


So can I think of pelemay for elixir, sort of like cython for python?