Plug.Conn shopping cart: is_nil() check renders value nil?

So I have a shopping cart that I tied to the session with this great package:

anyway, I’m allowing the user to add to the cart(which is a list of product ids) while they are not logged-in. So when they do log in, I want to put the shopping cart list into the new session:

cart = if(is_nil(cart), do: [])
  def login_user(conn, user, params \\ %{}) do
    cart = get_session(conn, "shopping_cart")
    IO.inspect(cart, label: "UserAuth login_user shopping_cart")

    # cart can be nil if the unlogged-in user didn't add something to the cart
    cart = if(is_nil(cart), do: [])
    IO.inspect(cart, label: "UserAuth login_user shopping_cart")

    token = Accounts.generate_user_session_token(user, params["org_id"])
    user_return_to = get_session(conn, :user_return_to)

    |> renew_session()
    |> put_session(:user_token, token)
    |> put_session(:live_socket_id, "users_sessions:#{Base.url_encode64(token)}")
    |> put_session("shopping_cart", cart)
    |> maybe_write_remember_me_cookie(token, params)
    |> redirect(to: user_return_to || signed_in_path(conn))


The above line cart = if(is_nil(cart), do: []) seems make the shopping_cart nil:

UserAuth login_user shopping_cart: ["prod_IpMCdH7VQv1bWz", "prod_IpMCdH7VQv1bWz", "prod_IpMCdH7VQv1bWz"]
UserAuth login_user shopping_cart: nil

Am I missing something here when it comes to how get_session() and put_session() work?

    cart = if(is_nil(cart), do: [])

This line is equivalent to:

cart = if is_nil(cart) do

This is probably not what you want, because if cart is NOT nil then it sets it to nil. From your logic it seems like what you want is:

cart = get_session(conn, "shopping_cart") || []

This will get the value from the session and if it is nil, instead default to [].


Nice idiom, that nailed it. Thanks!

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