Plug.Upload Arc Ecto - puzzled on what to do when creating a Mock testing file

Hi all!

I’m playing around with Arc Ecto reading the docs and following along with this tutorial .

I’m a bit puzzled on what to do when creating a Mock testing file to verify the local Ecto upload and how to correctly use %Plug.Upload{}. My code-

defmodule Posts.Mock do
  def file_upload(path) do
      path: Path.expand(path),
      filename: Path.basename(path),
      content_type: MIME.from_path(path)

So that in IEx I can try something like

avatar = Mock.file_upload("~/Pictures/some-image.png")

|> User.changeset(%{name: "Shey", avatar: avatar})
|> Repo.insert()

My error-

Plug.Upload.__struct__/1 is undefined

Can someone help me understand what I’m supposed to do here? Not finding my answer in the docs, sure I’m missing something simple and fundamental. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for any help!

Not the answer You might look… but it might be useful.

Arc is not really the go to for file uploads, it’s last update was in 2018.

There is a fork of Arc, it is called Waffle.

BTW I use Plug.Upload in my test too. I just don’t wrap it in a Mock module.

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You might need to have Plug too, if You don’t use Phoenix

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Oh! I see my disconnect now… I don’t have Plug in my blog app. It’s in my Phoenix Liveview App. Thanks Koko!

--- browser(Phoenix Liveview Front End)
--- blog (All of the CRUD business logic and DB)

In regards to Waffle I saw it… but the docs weren’t very helpful as they seemed less thorough than Arc and I had to keep cross referencing both… Kind of confusing as Waffle has moments of expecting you to have implicit knowledge and understanding of Arc.

Since Waffle is built on top of Arc I was thinking of just trying to get the most basic thing in Arc working first as it seems more extensively documented.

Anything you recommend for a Waffle Ecto resource that’s more comprehensive than the docs?

I started with Arc, and switching to Waffle was a drop in replacement.

If it is for mock, don’t forget to add Plug dependency as only: :test

Waffle Ecto is just some helpers to play nicely with Struct, not much more… it allows cast_attachment

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