Plug v1.4.0-rc.0 released

Hi everyone,

I am really happy to announce Plug v1.4.0-rc.0. It has many improvements and bug fixes:

  • Multipart support is now implemented in Plug, which guarantees compatibility between adapters, including during tests
  • Range requests are now supported by Plug.Static, which means resumable downloads and videos
  • Plug.Debugger has been improved to show more information, including the Exception.blame/3 feature from Elixir v1.5 if available
  • Log an error when Cowboy aborts parsing headers due to limits

Here is the full CHANGELOG:

As usual, give a try in your applications by specifying:

{:plug, "~> 1.4-rc", override: true}

If you find any regression or bugs, please report them!

Have fun!


Bravo! :tada:

This bit me a year ago, but it looked hard to handle in Plug. Glad to see it’s fixed now.

This is great!


Great job, love it!