Pluggable - Build Plug-like pipelines

pluggable is a bring-your-own-token pipeline creation library. It is not new, I’ve created it a while ago. I also did not code it myself - all the credit goes to the elixir-plug team. Nevertheless, I want to mention it here as I find it quite handy. So if you ever need to build pipelines like you would with Plug but for your own struct, this is your library.

Pluggable contains slightly modified copies of the two modules Plug (Pluggable) and Plug.Builder (Pluggable.StepBuilder). Besides these two, the library contains only one more module: Pluggable.Token which is a protocol. By implementing the protocol, you can define your own token struct (In the Plug library, it would be %Plug.Conn{}).

In theory, Plug could be built with Pluggable. :wink: