Podcast: Thinking Elixir 073 - Elixir at Supabase with Paul Copplestone

In episode 73 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Paul Copplestone, founder and CEO of Supabase. Supabase leverages the power of Elixir, Postgres, and more to create an OpenSource Firebase alternative that brings these powers to the Jamstack community. We cover TechCrunch’s coverage of their funding, how he considers Supabase as “the easiest way to use Postgres”. They offer a row-level security feature and we dig in to understand that. We go deeper on how an OpenSource company can get VC funding and how their business model works. Paul shares how Elixir, Phoenix and PubSub solves some hard problems that other ecosystems just don’t handle and how Supabase can help those other communities get some of those benefits using the tools they already chose. Some interesting features are that you can self-host if you want, swap out different components, and permissive licenses. It really seems to embody the OSS ethos. Great to see another company using Elixir to create lots of business value!

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