Podcast: Thinking Elixir 181 - FLAME with Chris McCord

Episode 181 of Thinking Elixir. In this week’s episode, we ignite the exciting world of Elixir with Chris McCord’s announcement of FLAME, showcasing a revolutionary approach to serverless with the Phoenix framework. Chris joins us to unravel the inspiration behind FLAME - Fleeting Lambda Application for Modular Execution and its promise to streamline the developer experience, significantly simplifying elastic compute. We discuss why this isn’t just another job queue solution and explore how it effortlessly scales. We cover how other backends can be implemented and learn there’s even a Kubernetes option! The FLAME pattern can be implemented in other languages and frameworks too. To avoid FOMO, tune in and ride the wave of Elixir’s evolution with us.


Just listening now… great hearing Chris reiterate some of his goals:

My goal for the last several years is to ruthlessly eliminate layers from the stack and programming in general - like with LiveView, you don’t even think about HTTP anymore - so that was kind of the idea, like REST and HTTP and GraphQL still exists and they can be great, but my goal is obviate that even from the programmers mind while they’re building stuff.