Podcast: Thinking Elixir 195 - Migrating from Next.js to Phoenix

Episode 195 of Thinking Elixir. In this compelling episode, we sit down with Ben Reinhart who shares his journey of transitioning from the JavaScript ecosystem, specifically migrating off of Next.js and Vercel, to Elixir and Phoenix, with Fly.io as the new host. Ben discusses his frustrations with the complexity and performance issues he faced, and how the switch to Elixir helped streamline operations and improve the efficiency of his AI-focused product at Axflow. He delves into his strategic choice for leveraging the operational simplicity and real-time features of Phoenix, while also acknowledging trade-offs such as rebuilding front-end components. Join us to explore Ben’s story, learn about the features of Elixir that helped him, and discover how the move has influenced Axflow’s path towards finding product-market fit, and more!