Podcast: Thinking Elixir 198 - Cade Gets the Last Word

Episode 198 of Thinking Elixir. This week’s show covers exciting updates in the Elixir world, including the peek at what’s coming with Elixir v1.17.0’s new “Duration” and “shift” features. We’ll also dive into the impressive Kino Benchee integration for Livebook, showcasing benchmarking visualizations. Not to be missed is the release of a fitting Phoenix emoji :bird:‍:fire: that’s set to ignite your dev conversations, as well as the announcement of Ash Framework’s v3 Release Candidate. Amidst these powerful tools and features, there’s an essential shift in our hosting lineup; Cade will discuss his decision to step back from the show due to the arrival of a new member in the family. Make sure to tune in for these stories, valuable Elixir tips, intriguing alternatives to Redis, and more!