Podcast: Thinking Elixir 199 - Websockets' Late Hero and Elixir's Fresh Updates

Episode 199 of Thinking Elixir. In this episode, we talk about the eagerly awaited Elixir 1.17.0-dev changelog, the exciting ExDoc v0.32 release, and the slightly amusing declaration of Cloudflare playing the websocket hero – about 9 years after Phoenix neatly demoed 2 million concurrent connections to the world. We also explore potential performance improvements with Ecto’s support for unlogged tables and how PragProg’s new Elixir book is shaping up as a must-read for DevOps enthusiasts. But that’s not all, we also touch on the launch of a constraint solver in Elixir, a nifty Livebook visualization tip, and more! Plus, don’t miss out as Mark, Tyler, and David also share insights into their current projects, ranging from tackling Elixir mock libraries to the latest in the tech conference scene and educational initiatives in the Erlang ecosystem.