Podcast: Thinking Elixir News 176

Episode 176 of Thinking Elixir. In the latest episode, we explore the release of Elixir v1.16.0-rc.0 which brings compiler performance improvements, code snippets in diagnostics, and enhanced documentation. Understand the perf enhancements and get a grip on the enriching changes in Elixir docs, including novel sections on anti-patterns and a built-in cheatsheet for the Enum module. We also discuss the launch of Lexical LS 0.4.0 and FlameOn v0.6.0 with enhanced features, the potential integration of JSON support into OTP, and updates on LiveView Native and Bumblebee’s new addition, the Zephyr 7B LLM model. Stay tuned for insights on the Req library through Wojtek Mach’s ElixirConf video, the versatility of Elixir and Phoenix and how they can “do it all”, a wrap-up of the online coding competition, SpawnFest, and more!