Podcast: ThinkingElixir 066 - Tracing Production with Kai Wern Choong

In episode 66 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Kai Wern Choon about his experience tracing performance problems in production. We talk about what “tracing” means in a BEAM system, available tools like recon, great resources for learning how the tools work and general approaches for troubleshooting live production Elixir systems. Kai also shares his Livebook notebook setup for demonstrating tracing techniques in an interactive way.

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Just listened to that great episode.

About erlang-tracing vs monitoring tools like AppSignal.
I think one could combine them, by sending the erlang-tracemessages to a process which then creates and sends the records to AppSignal.

In Rexbug you can do that by setting the :print_fun option in Rexbug - start. Don’t know about recon, but should be possible.

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