Podcast: ThinkingElixir 090 - Elixir Cards with Tetiana Dushenkivska

In episode 90 of Thinking Elixir, we talk with Tetiana Dushenkivska, the creator of Elixir Cards, a series of Elixir flashcards with multiple ways to use them. We talk about why she created the cards, how they helped her, and how others have used them. We talk about learning models and the importance of repetition for memorizing things. Tetiana shares how LiveView is used in the creation of the cards and more! David shares how he used the cards for fun drills at meetups and Tetiana fondly recalls a tournament held at a previous Elixir conf. She also shares what she’s working on now for a future online learning system.


Wow, this podcast episode was so fun to listen to.

Now I feel the need to buy that Elixir cards… dam you guys :smiley: and well done @tetiana :sunglasses:

I feel sorry for what Tetiana must going through with the needless war in her home country. I really hope it ends soon.


I got my first stack of cards just last week. :sunglasses: I’m excited to dig into the episode! Thanks, Mark!


Comments like that keeps me motivated to carry on and do more and more! I’m so grateful for a feedback and suggestions. It helps to improve things and move them forward! 6 years since I’ve become a part of Elixir community and it still makes me proud to be part of it! Through being a busy mum, war in the country I’ve grown, the flashcard project helps me to stay positive and look on the bright side!