Podcast: ThinkingElixir 115 - ElixirConf 2022 Recap

Episode 115 of Thinking Elixir. ElixirConf US 2022 just finished! We cover the big announcements, talk highlights, and other relevant tech news. We discuss what some of these big announcements and projects represent and what they might mean for the Elixir community going forward. We talk about the Elixir 1.14 release, Livebook advances, Phoenix 1.7, machine learning progress, and the surprise announcement of Phoenix LiveView Native!


I love the concept of Phoenix Liveview Native!
Are there some indepth blogs or something about this?
And I see there now only ios example.
Will there be android support someday?

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sure, DockYard R&D: Build Elixir Web & Native Apps Seamlessly with LiveView Native



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Sounds like it was a great conference with some awesome announcements - can’t wait for the videos to go up!


Is it actually possible to access the recordings of the individual talk later for a fee? If so, when will the videos be available?

Seems like they are starting to upload the videos :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s cool. Thank you. I’d also be happy to pay for individual videos in principle. I had read something about this once, if I remember correctly , but can’t find it anymore.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the conference.

The forum will automatically post one video a day in our Talks section:

You can set the section up to ‘Watching First Post’ if you’d like to be alerted each time a new video goes up :003:

Edit: I’ve gone ahead and expedited posting of the first video: