Podcast: ThinkingElixir 127 - Ecto gets Lively in Livebook

Episode 127 of Thinking Elixir. We talked with Spawnfest competitors Filipe Cabaço & Joel Carlbark about their entry “Lively”. Lively was all about doing cool things with Ecto in Livebook. The project, later renamed to KinoEcto does 4 cool things around Ecto in Livebook. It builds Entity Relationship diagrams from the Ecto Schemas in your Elixir project. It can visualize the dense Postgres explain output and highlight a problem like when a full table scan is performed. It includes a ChangesetValidator SmartCell, and a QueryBuilder that uses NimbleParsec to parse a raw SQL query and do the initial work of turning that into an Ecto query. We talk about what the 48-hour competition was like, what they accomplished and what they plan to do next!