Podcast: ThinkingElixir 128 - Speedy like a Bandit

Episode 128 of Thinking Elixir. The Phoenix 1.7 announcement blog post mentioned the ability to swap out Cowboy for another webserver like Bandit. We talked with Mat Trudel to learn more about his pure-Elixir webserver and find out how it works with Phoenix. We learn Bandit can be up to 5x faster by narrowly focusing on turning a request into a Plug connection and much more!


Thanks for having me!


I’ve really enjoyed this one and what a great origin story for Bandit. Looking forward to digging into the codebase and using it on projects. Thanks!


Another great podcast!

30 second change in your Phoenix app results in 5X performance!


For those thinking about using Bandit (or any other webserver) don’t forget to register your vote in our poll:

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That was a very nice episode! @mtrudel expressed the background on Bandit quite humbly and with enthusiasm. I recommend listening to it!

It cetainly makes me happy to know there now exists an alternative to cowboy, written in pure Elixir :clap: :relieved:

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