Poison error response

Does someone know the reason this error is returned by Poison?
{:tls_alert, ‘bad record mac’}

This link suggests that there was an error with the SSL handshake https://security.stackexchange.com/a/39846

I’m not sure how Poison would returned that anyway? That’s a TLS error, should be thrown by something like hackney or something, not a JSON parser like Poison? Can you reproduce that and put it in a project for us to look at? o.O?

I was able to find out why that error.

The url I was trying to hit was actually http but it was provided as https.
Once I changed it to http, it worked.


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I had the inverse of Jerry’s problem, but his answer helped me solve my issue.

This happened to me when I specified port 80 when connecting to a server with https. https is conventionally served on port 443.