Poolboy max restarts

Is it possible to set a max_restarts on the worker module in the poolboy child spec? It appears they use the default of three, but I want to be able to configure that number. I tried abstracting the connect pool into its own supervisor then set the max_restrats on that supervisor, but when I crash the pid it still restarts only three times max. Any advice?

defmodule PoolSupervisor do
    use Supervisor
    require Logger

    def start_link do
      # Supervisor.start_link(__MODULE__, nil, name: :config_server_supervisor)
      Supervisor.start_link(__MODULE__, [], name: __MODULE__)

    def init(_) do
    connection_pool_config = [
      {:name, {:local, :inventory}},
      {:worker_module, ConnectionPoolWorker},
      {:size, 2},
      {:max_overflow, 1}

      children = [
       :poolboy.child_spec(:inventory, connection_pool_config, :inventory)
      supervise(children, strategy: :one_for_one, max_restarts: 500, max_seconds: 1)