Poolex - A library for managing pools of workers

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Poolex is an Elixir library for managing pools of workers.

In short, this is a poolboy written in Elixir.

When I started this project, I had the following goals:

  • To solve the problem of missing documentation of public interfaces and “official” library usage examples.
  • To bring this library back to life. poolboy is not actively maintained. Even if poolboy is written perfectly, there may be a chance of incompatible OTP changes in the future or the appearance of new features we’d like to use.
  • Try to rewrite this library in Elixir. It’s not a problem, but I’d like to use Elixir dependencies when I’m writing in Elixir.
  • To add the ability to use different strategies for getting a worker. I think a developer may have more needs than just choosing a LIFO / FIFO. So I added the ability to describe and use implementations for operating with worker and caller process queues.

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Release 0.7.0

Added FIFO implementation for getting workers from the pool. This is the same mechanism as the :fifo strategy in poolboy.