POSITION FILLED: We are hiring a mid-level Elixir engineer at Seat Scouts

Introductory paragraph

At Seat Scouts, we are a small team helping brokers in the event ticket industry automate their everyday. We do this by making the fastest software using the latest technology.

You would be responsible for building out our suite of ticket automation tools by contributing throughout the entire software stack. Our customers rely on us to automate critical tasks accurately and with low latency. We built our system from the ground-up in Elixir to achieve these goals. We make use of React, Postgres, Phoenix, Ecto, channels, and plan to incorporate LiveView soon.

We are a 100% remote team, so we need someone who can thrive in that environment and who can have significant work-time overlap with US Eastern and Central timezones. We want candidates with an active interest in Elixir, though actual production experience with it is in the “nice to have” category.

About us

My name: Greg Vaughn
My position: Chief Architect
Company name: Seat Scouts, LLC
Website: seatscouts.com
Country: USA
Company info and history: 3 year history using Elixir from the start

About the job

Job title: Elixir engineer
Job description: Writing code primarily in Elixir
Salary range: negotiable
Position on remote work: 100% remote team
Qualifications or experience required: Production experience in some related stack. Elixir production experience is nice to have, but not required.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: You would be responsible for building out our suite of ticket automation tools by contributing throughout the entire software stack.

About the interview process

We have a fairly informal interview via a video conference that will typically involve some simple live coding exercises plus discussion with our engineers. Promising candidates will also speak with our CEO.

Further info

Please email your qualifications to jobs@seatscouts.com for consideration.


Is it ok to work from EU assuming that I would be able to work in any US timezone? I have previously worked with people from USA, UK, Slovakia, India and Australia, so timezone does not really matters for me, but I often see such job offers US-only.

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I’m joining @Eiji’s question (and I’m guessing also a request): are you open to people anywhere at all?

I’m a night owl and, as him, the US / AU work hours have never been a problem.

Not to mention I’d be honoured working with you.

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@Eiji I will ask and reply when I know more. We have worked with someone from Brazil before, so I would hope there are not any additional legal challenges with someone from the EU.

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I got an answer back from our CEO. We do welcome applicants from outside the US and we’re willing to figure out how to make it work for the right candidate. Previous experience working for a US company would be valuable.


I hope you’re serious about that, because I’m entirely new to Elixir and just applied. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I want to thank all the applicants. ElixirForum is a great place to post to receive quality applicants. We have filled the position.

You can be sure I’ll post on the forum again the next time we’re ready to grow!