Pow want to add name, age filed in registration form with validation

I am new to Phoenix just installed the phoenix after reading the documentation. I have used Pow authentication for registration and sing -in , sing-up. I have added new filed in the registration HTML form but how to apply validation and if I will enter any value in the form I want to store it in the database along with users other details like email and password

NOTE: I have successfully created migration and install Pow but my registration form has only 3 fields . Mail, Password and Confirm Password password

You might want to read the readme on its github repo. It includes a lot of information about customisation including having more values on the user schema: https://github.com/danschultzer/pow#ecto-changeset


@LostKobrakai, I have read this and based on that I have successfully install Pow, in my question I forget to let you know this thing. In my registration form I have email, password and confirm password I want to add more fields with required validations for name, date of birth etc ( any customer field)

Also I want to store them in my posgres DB.

After setting the custom user changeset to cast and validate your custom fields, you need to generate the registration templates so you can add the fields in the registration form otherwise they won’t show up.
See here how to custom the templates: https://github.com/danschultzer/pow#modify-templates

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