Preparing for a Senior Elixir Position: What Should I Know and Reference Material?

Hello Elixir community,
I’m planning to transition into a senior Elixir developer role, and I’d like to make sure I’m up-to-date with the latest developments in the Elixir ecosystem, considering all the recent additions and changes to the language and the Phoenix framework. I previously worked extensively with Elixir but had to step away due to job requirements. Now, I’m eager to re-enter the field, particularly in companies that use Elixir and Phoenix as their tech stack.
Could you please provide guidance on the key topics and areas of knowledge I should prioritize for preparing for interviews and excelling in a senior Elixir position, taking into account all the recent developments in the language and framework? Additionally, if you can recommend any specific reference materials or resources that have been particularly helpful in staying current with Elixir and Phoenix, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Ayoush I hope your endeavor becomes a reality!

Books I’d recommend Programming Ecto, Programming Phonenix LiveView and Designing Elixir Systems with OTP. Elixir in Action is a must if you allow me.

I’d recommend you to take a look at groxio if you look for courses. Particularly I couldn’t find good resources on platforms like udemy (yet, but hopefully soon) because the courses are too focused on a single theme only, instead of teaching how to “think in elixir” like groxio does…

Best luck!

$50 saying that this is written by ChatGPT


yes it is. English is not my first choice of language so I don’t hesitate taking help of a tool which is there to help you.


Thanks a ton @tiagorodrigues I was researching about some good books and the list was only getting bigger. Thanks for cutting it down to specific ones.

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Well, knowing English intimately is a very hard requirement for many senior positions, so you should also work on that.


No hard feelings, but you should know that there is no “preparing” for Senior Elixir position (unless you have a few years to spend, that is).
If you want to learn technology then there is plenty of material, but don’t get the idea that you will become a senior overnight.


From what I understand it is more preparing in terms of interview, maybe catch up with new things from elixir/phoenix.

I didn’t use phoenix for about half a year (it was around the 1.7 update) and when I started a new app, so many things changed that I literally had no idea what was going on, had to read various pieces from documentation and changelogs.

As for why to prepare for a technical interview for a senior position, here I agree with you, you either are senior material or not, taking in consideration that senior badge that you gave yourself even means something.


Thanks sir I am working on it. I just used the tool so that i can put my thoughts more clearly.

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Thanks for the advice sir. I understand your point.

Thanks for the insights sir.I got your point will try my best to level up.

lol :003: true though.

There is no true “senior” in general. It has two axii: (1) experience from which you learn and (2) willing to dig deep and not give up and always solve the problem no matter what. I’ve been a “junior” at 30 years old because I was still deep in the Java enterprise hell at the time (and that doesn’t teach you much), and I’ve met “seniors” at 22 years old whose only defect was not enough experience with tech X and Y.

It’s really about what’s inside you: you have to be a fighter who will wrestle until the very end. And you have to practice a lot. It’s not about how much material you will ingest.

There needs to be a way to evaluate your capabilities for this to be an objective and deserved title. From what I’ve heard, if you are for example a construction architect, without the proper certifications you might as well be a student, not matter how long you worked in the industry, same goes for doctors, you could even do prison time if you don’t have the proper certifications.

The effort towards certifications that oracle and ms have, are a good thought, however from what I’ve heard they are not effective as you just have to read and remember some material and you will forget that shortly after getting the certificate, maybe someone who has better idea could tell more.