Presenting Aviacommerce, open source e-commerce in Elixir

Presenting Aviacommerce, open source e-commerce platform in Elixir

Aviacommerce is an open source e-commerce platform in Elixir. We at aviabird have been working on it for last 9 months. This platform has all the core features which any basic e-commerce system should have. Developers can start exploring the project with the help from documentation website.

As of now, we have just released the developer documentation. This would help developers get started with using it to create their own solutions on top of it. Next up is user guide. We’ll release it by the end of October.

We are expecting feedback/suggestion from the community on how can we improve this e-commerce platform. Please use Github issues to report bugs if you find them.

We would like to thank all the developers and clients who have helped us make this project a reality.

Please use the gitter channel to interact with the dev team or if you have any questions or suggestions.

You can also follow us on twitter for latest updates.

Important links

  1. Github organisation page
  2. Aviacommerce docs website
  3. Demo information

Nice work guys. This looks promising. Would love to experiment this with my E-commerce store.
Would reach out Dev team if I face any issues.
Thank you :beers::metal:t2:


Looks really good. I’ll be playing with it tomorrow. Funny I was just having a discussion with a friend of mine about a good e-commerce platform in Elixirland. Thanks guys and keep it up!


Excellent work, looks really production ready. One thing wasn’t clear was if digital products are supported. Kudos for open sourcing such a massive project. I’m still writing mine ( and hopefully will be ready soon.

Really appreciate the effort you’ve put in, being in your shoes I know how much of a massive project this must have been. Thank you for sharing.


Digital products are not yet fully supported in the sense that all the products are considered to be physically deliverable as of now. Having said that, we do support many types of products leveraging the variation_theme feature. Please read about it here.

We are also looking to extend the functionality of variation themes. We’ll definitely consider digital products when we do.

Yeah, it turned out to be bigger than we expected :slight_smile:

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There are a couple of open source e-commerce projects in elixir nectarcommerce, freshcom. We have taken inspiration from these projects while working on aviacommerce.

Do reach out to us on Gitter if you face any issues. We are always there to help developers get started.

Gitter is where developers can get in touch with us.

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Nice work! Excited to see more people are building eCommerce related project in Elixir. Its definitely not a easy task, I being trying to build one (freshcom) for awhile now and its a lot more work than I expected. It seems like you guys already got a team together to work on it, thats very exciting! I just created a eCommerce channel on elixir slack, feel free to join and share experiences.


We came across freshcom a while back and it’s phenomenal what you have managed to achieve working alone on it. Great work!

We have a team of 4 developers working full time on the project :slight_smile:

Project update:

Since our last release we have update and made many changes in the framework.

Some of the changes that we have done are:-

  1. Shipping policy settings
  2. Added promotions feature(coupons of all types by user usage, total usage, custom product rules etc.)
  3. Completely revamped Inventory tracking based on either products, variants or none.
  4. Elastisearch support for search autocomplete and faceted searching, read more on what approach we are taking here, here, here
  5. Simple dashboard to track the store orders, products etc

Currently, we are working on

  1. Taxation
  2. Fully customisable landing page for marketers
  3. Advanced options for products based on option types such as colour swatch, multi-select and radio button.

We are excited to see how the community gets involved with the project. Contributions are welcome!

Our vision is to build the Worlds best open-source e-commerce system

The latest code be found here
Check out the demo link here


I’d be interested to hearing experiences from people using it. I’m looking for something that can integrate with Square for both inventory syncing and taking payments. Most of the other options aren’t compelling.



it seems that aviacommerce is relatively dead, is it not?

I don’t know if e.g. will be developed further or is really used somehow.

The same applies to

Crimson Commerce

It would be very interesting to find out why almost all attempts in this direction have come to nothing again.
What are the reasons for this?


I believe the real issue is funding. Someone needs to fund an OSS with their free time, or find a company that funds with money. An eCommerce platform is a huge project. If you can’t justify your expenses, which in OSS often is your free time, what is the motivation to do it? Or you need a wast contributors pool to distribute development time.

To be successful with building a brand new eCommerce platform, I believe, the one needs to come up with a business model, how to fund the development, how to market it, and how to sell it.

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