Presigned URLs with ExAws

Hello! I am using ExAws and the code below to make a presigned request for uploading image files to Amazon S3. All is well except that the permissions on the uploaded file are not being set to public-read:

 def make_presigned_url(bucket, path, mime_type) do
    query_params = [{"ContentType", mime_type}, {"ACL", "public-read"}]
    presign_options = [query_params: query_params]
    {:ok, presigned_url} = 
        |> ExAws.S3.presigned_url(:put, bucket, path, presign_options)

Do you see any other mistakes?

PS. Here is .typical presigned url produced with the above:
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I think this might simply not be possible. If you take a look at the AWS Java SDK docs, you can see that only a handful of parameters that would usually be sent as headers are supported (there is setContentMd5, setContentType, etc - but not setACL).
Also check out this GitHub issue with two possible workarounds.

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Thanks, it indeed seems to be the case that one cannot set the ACL this way. Do you know if it i possible to set the bucket parameters so that uploaded files are automatically publicly readable?

What i am trying to accomplish is to allow users of my app to upload images that will be publicly readable.

You can set permissions for the entire bucket.


I got it to work, it was very simple in the end!
here’s the code
|> ExAws.S3.presigned_url(

This is really cool - so you don’t actually need to make a single thing public and I can get to read a signed URL when making video for me. Will try this method, thanks!

Change your query_params to this:

query_params = [
      {"ContentType", type},
      {"x-amz-acl", "public-read"}

This Works For Me, thanks.

Thank you good sir.

I’ve been trying to set the "Content-Disposition" key to attachment via the query_params for the presigned_url in this scenario, but it doesn’t seem to be “taking”. Is there any way to do this here, that is via the ex_aws_s3 upload?

        query_params = [
          # so the browser will download this as a file
          {"ContentDisposition", "attachment"},