Prettier eex plugin

Hey guys I’ve just released a prettier eex plugin.
It’s still a bit WIP, if you detect any errors just add a file path to .prettierignore and submit an issue so I could fix it.

It probably doesn’t work well with <style> and <script> tags, it something I have to work a bit more on.

If you got any questions ask here or on Github.


I’ll be taking a look for sure today! Thanks for this :smiley:


Release v0.2.0


  • decoding/encoding logic has been extracted to prettier-html-templates package


  • In some cases expressions weren’t decoded inside script tags - thanks to @dnsbty

Extracting that logic allowed me to release an erb version, here is a link:


Release v0.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • Properly formats liveview files with form_for expressions
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Thank you so much for this plugin. I’ve been struggling with eex formatting for so log.

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Small FYI if you want to install this wonderful plugin for every Elixir/Phoenix project:

  1. Install the prettier and prettier-plugin-eex npm packages globally with:
npm install -g prettier prettier-plugin-eex
  1. Make sure that you have the Prettier VSCode Extension installed.

  2. Find the global path to which npm installed your prettier package. These are some common paths:

# macOS

# unix

# Windows
  1. Set that global path as a Prettier: Prettier Path either in your Settings under Extensions > Prettier > Prettier: Prettier Path or in your settings.json directly:
"prettier.prettierPath": GLOBAL_PATH
# e.g. "prettier.prettierPath": "/usr/local/lib/node_modules/prettier"

Thank you @adamzapasnik for this great plugin!


I’m new to Elixir, so pardon my ignorance.

I’m trying to understand, what are the benefits of using Prettier over mix format?

mix.format doesn’t format eex template files.


Release v0.5.0

Bug fixes

  • Return non 0 exit status when error formatting is unsuccessful
  • Use print function instead of embed to fix error logging
  • Fix formatting of files that consist of only a single expression
  • Make prettier_eex_formatter work on 21 and 22 OTP