Prevent exq job run in cronjob

I am using k8s in elixir now.

I have four cronjobs running in the server and an api server (with 2 replicas)

One cronjob will enqueue some job in the job queue.

Is that possible that I can insert the job in the exq queue but not running any job in the job pod? As I am facing the issue that the job pod start the worker and dead very soon. Because of exq using the machine name of the job pods, it will not be resumed forever. (As It will generate another new name once creating a new job)

Possible solution is that I think using the middleware to halt the execution but just don’t know if it is good or not (and technicaily works)


I found that there is a hidden options (:mode),
It should be resolved after I set it to :enqueuer in job pods