Privately Hosting Docs

I’m generating docs as a deliverable for a client, and I want them to be hosted somewhere so that I can automate the process. I just need them to be behind a password/login. Has anyone here ever done that with Elixir docs?

ex_doc generates html pages for you. It should be easy enough to set them up behind some kind of login. If you are using some sort of CI/CD, you should be able to automatically build the documentation and upload it to wherever you need to on a successful build release.

I guess I could s3 or something.

I can always host you some space if you want as well.

Appreciated, but I’ll just bill the client for S3 or whatever. I feel like there’s an interesting opportunity to build a simple service that’s like hex docs for private repos.

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Offers open for about anyone, I have a lot of unused server right now. ^.^;

I’m not sure it is really hard though, plenty of free services for file doc hosting, hex/ex_docs builds static HTML so it is pretty dead-simple. :slight_smile:

On a slight tangent, do you know if it’s possible to capture the tests in ex_doc’s output?

You mean the DocTests? And capture in what way? The code itself, the output of the test, etc…?

No, I mean like generating a doc entry for specific test files. It seems silly, but I have to document test cases for a project, and I don’t want to have to use another tool or maintain a list of tests somewhere by hand.

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So, I’m pretty sure that ExDoc is based off of compiled beam files. So…

You will probably want a different environment for just compiling docs.
You will need to add paths to be compile to your mix.exs via the :elixirc_paths option or figure out how to get whatever you want into the parsed beam.

There may be another way, but that’s how I would approach it with my current understanding.

Can you compile .exs files to beam? The test files won’t compile as .ex files if you’re using things like Phoenix’s ConnCase.

It turns out that using!("test path goes here") Code.string_to_quoted! produces the AST and is perfectly usable for getting the moduledoc and test names. I’m putting together a package, and will share ti once I have it working.

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