Problem - Script connect / insert

Has anyone else been through this problem, posted on github?


What would be the best way to connect to the bank and make an insert?

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Which bank?

Do you mean database? I think I’d go with ecto and a DB driver that fits my database. But a better answer can only be given when you provide more context.

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I am currently trying to make this connection in MySQL.

Using ecto,
Would you have a step by step?

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I don’t know anything about your schema. Also there are so many other factors.

After the discussion we already had at the mariaex repository, I’d guess you do not know anything about elixir and its tooling. If this assumption is correct the step by step example were nearly a copy of the official guides.

I do hope you understand that I want you to read them first, as well as ectos readme, just to make sure you do get at least a bare minimum of the concepts of elixir and ecto.

Perhaps doing this reads will even give you enough to begin your project.

If not, please ask concrete questions about concrete problems in dedicated threads.

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