Problem with registry in local ets table

if i want to use GenRegistry library (GitHub - discord/gen_registry: Simple and efficient local Process Registry) in production. all erlang nodes are connected in a ring. all nodes are set connect_all false and manually connected in hash ring.and we have to use Send function to send mesaage to pids in different different nodes. i will send this local node to ets table in distributed systen by using hashing ans

GenRegistry registered pid with id in local node ets table and many users register their pid with id in different different nodes. now tell me how Send will send message to another node pid because, it is possible to for two pid be same in different different nodes.

now please solve this problem?

  1. pid’s are not the same on different nodes. Local pids look the same, but as soon as they sent, they are transparently converted to remote pids.

    For example, #PID<0.123.0> is a local pid. When you send it to another node, it will start looking like #PID<3.123.0>. First number here indicates internal representation of other node’s ID. So this #PID<3.123.0> must be read like “proccess with ID 123 from external node with ID 3”

  2. GenRegistry is local. That means that each name you give to the process can be resolved only locally (by someone who has the access to GenRegistry’s local process, to be precise)

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if i am using consistant hash ring which also manage vnode, and i use GenRegistry in apllication.ex in main supervisor because it will create Local Registry ets table in all nodes and when i register pid in local and then copy pid and use in shared database then if i send this in node 3 shared ets table from local node then tell me, pid will become like this #PID<0.123.0> to #PID<3.123.0>?