Problems building a phoenix umbrella project into a docker

I’m trying to simply build a release from my umbrella phoenix app to docker… and its strange every time I try to run the container I get an error that seems to indicate that the binary is built on the wrong system.

I tried changing the Dockerfile to use different linux images (started with elixir:alpine then just tried elixir.

‘’'digitsu@arcteryx frobots_umbrella % docker container run -p $PORT:$PORT -e POOL_SIZE -e PORT -e DATABASE_URL -e SECRET_KEY_BASE --network frobots-network --name frobots_web elixir/frobots_web

with elixir image
/home/elixir/app/releases/0.1.0/…/…/erts-12.2.1/bin/erl: 12: exec: /home/elixir/app/erts-12.2.1/bin/erlexec: Exec format error

with elixir:alpine
digitsu@arcteryx frobots_umbrella % docker container logs 1d62b1cb00eed6de1c77279407af6823e1c1a573bf49e45bb34bcc1426ed9595

/home/elixir/app/erts-12.2.1/bin/erlexec: line 1: syntax error: unexpected “(”

as both attempts fail due to erlexec… is this a problem with the Erlang version in the docker images?

My app builds fine and works locally on elixir 1.13.3 and Erlang 24

Experiencing the same problem, did you find an explanation / solution ?