Problems with deployment on Gigalixir using two databases

As a happy beginner of programming Elixir I have met a problem that I cant find the solution for:
I am using two databases in a Phoenix installation, Postgres and ArrangoDB and it is working as a charm but when I try to deploy on Gigalixir I get this error:
remote: ‘Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Ecto.Migrate’ specified in arangox_ecto and ecto_sql
remote: ‘Elixir.Mix.Tasks.Ecto.Gen.Migration’ specified in arangox_ecto and ecto_sql
remote: Deploy aborted

I m clueless to this. My setup for the two databases follows this setup

Any help/advise that makes me understand how to solve this would be great.

It looks like the error is “duplicated modules” which means two modules have the same name which is a problem because they have to be unique. Looks like it’s

Perhaps, you can follow bitwalker’s advice here

Or better yet, is it possible you don’t need one of those dependencies?

As @jesse stated, you should remove one of the modules. If you need to use both it could be a change that could be added.

The module is built so that you do not need to include ecto_sql. Some frameworks such as Phoenix will automatically include ecto_sql, you need to remove this from your mix.exs file.

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Thanks for the branch that fixed this problem! This solved a lot of problems for me…
Think this paved the way for others to use a ArangoDB together with Postgres in Phoenix-applications.