Production Logging Solutions

I’m curious to hear which services people are using for collecting logs for Elixir web apps in production. I enjoyed but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I use the cloud_watch logger backend (GitHub - lboekhorst/cloud_watch: Logger backend for Elixir applications) on some projects but it always seems to be tricky to get it working on each project, it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. I had a look at Logflare, seems interesting but maybe in the early stages, interested to hear if people have had success with this one.


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We use Datadog for logs and metrics. It’s a bit expensive but our volume isn’t crazy high and we enjoy its features.


We use Was easy to use and integrate and does the job nicely for us at a super reasonable price. Get excellent support for it when needed

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Thanks for your input @benwilson512 and @dlobo. I’ve checked out Datadog and Logflare app some more since hearing your recommendations.

If it’s of interest to anyone else, I ended up using awslogs agent to send logs to AWS Cloudwatch for this project. Cloudwatch isn’t a very user-friendly way to review logs IMHO but it is cheap.

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