Productive Programmer: Phoenix 1.7 LiveView

Greetings Productive Programmer,

Early access to our Phoenix 1.7 LiveView course is now live and it’s FREE! The first Several videos (60~ minutes) are available. You will learn all of the essential LiveView knowledge necessary in the free course to continue your learning into the paid course where you will (in the paid course) build a Beautiful Project Walkthrough of a LIVE Chat App and much more (often without writing a single line of Javascript or a single .css file!) How cool is that!

Then from there we will be continuously building out the community by adding to the full(paid) course and including more Project Walkthroughs (in addition to the Chat App you will build) so that you will be continuously introduced to more layers of Phoenix/LiveView, features, and just really cool and fun concepts like Machine Learning & More!


Do I need to know Elixir before starting this course?

No prerequisites are required, students may start with our crash course and from there we provide both an all encompassing path so students can stick to just one resource (our site) while also providing additional recommendations of where students can expand their understanding in documentations and other guides if they want to go further on a topic outside of our courses. Students also help drive the future direction of courses and lessons by providing feedback, engagement, and requests for future lessons about topics they are interested in.

Special Elixir Forum Offer!

For a limited time I am upgrading all purchases of the Phoenix paid course ($97) to a full lifetime all-access membership so that you get access to all current and future courses!
Please see post 24 for latest offer details.

See you over there soon!


Awesome, congrats on launching the course. Went ahead and purchased it right away. Timing is just perfect. Considering going back to Elixir/Phoenix and was looking for 1.7 and Tailwind refresher.


Just purchased, excited to start going through this :smile:


Just bought lifetime! Let’s goooo


Just bought it!
But I need a receipt and cannot get it. Also, I would like to buy a group license for my team but you still don’t have it.
These two are very important topics for a business customer so I believe you would profit a lot by implement them ASAP. Good work!


Hi @NotQuiteLagom

I just forwarded to the email you signed up with a receipt. Please feel free to reply to my email to discuss how many licenses you would like to get and I’ll do my best to solve the team license option for you and your team.

Thank you!!!


Working through the free course, I see playback speed does not persist between videos. So far so good.

For what it’s worth, this was the first course I’ve ever finished of many i’ve started. Perhaps it was a tad too short! But I really enjoyed your style and hope you succeed in building a large following. The $97 usd is a bit too much for my budget for now but i’d love to continue it. Now going back to pragdave’s which is a chore to slog through, I keep losing interest in the videos and then having to rewind.


I have purchased the lifetime course as well.

Looking forward to starting tonight. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for your kind review and feedback @dub2 I really appreciate it!

I bought the lifetime subscription - congratulations on launching the product and I look forward to the remainder of the content being delivered. It’s quite light-on, considering the price point.


Will you have Purchasing Power Parity for the full course in the future? :slight_smile:

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Congrats! The great news is by joining now you have locked in lifetime access to all future updates coming to the course (and future courses) at the early access pricing. Your early support is greatly appreciated and keeps the content flowing!

Thank you again for your support and joining the community!

Greetings Productive Programmer,

I’ve just launched a new course for building a like clone blog application with Phoenix 1.7


I am half-way through the course. I have to admit that it seems to be the most up-to-date source for Phoenix 1.7. So far, I am very satisfied with investing in your courses!

Keep the good work! :slight_smile:


Hi @bdarla

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback!

On it! I have another great course in the works! :slight_smile:

I would love a chapter overview before buying the full course. Is that available?


Hi @matthiaz

Great question, I will make all of this easier to digest visual on my website this week as I’m in the process of polishing up the launch of the new courses!

Here is a rough outline of the chapters and overview of the like clone course that I just launched. Roughly 4~ Hours of Content like clone - Blog course
1 Initial Project Setup
2 Setup User Authentication
3 Use Phoenix Generators to Create User Stories!
4 Enforcing User Authentication
5 Modifying Story Body to be a Textarea
6 Persisting the User’s ID to the database When Your Users Save Stories
7 Enforcing Authorization (Only a Creator of Story Can Edit Their Own Story)
8 Adding a Homepage of Recent Stories and Adding Simple Navigation
9 Modifying an Existing Data Schema - Add Name Field to Users
10 Display the User’s Name Next to Stories Similar to
11 Use Phoenix LiveView Generators to Initialize Comment Starter Code
12 How to Render a Heex file Inside of Another
13 Comment Form Now Displays and Saves Comment to Database
14 Comments now Enforce Their Relationship and Belong to a Story
15 Display New Comments in Realtime with LiveView and Display the User Who Made the Comment
16 How to Modify Your UI with Tailwind UI
17 Quick Code Cleanup & Polishing

I’ve actually launched a 2nd course along side the blog course :stuck_out_tongue:

The 2nd course is an Ecto & Database Course Intro styled course that is 45 minutes of content and includes

Ecto & Database Course
1 Install & Configure Postgres Inside Your Phoenix Project
2 Starting Your Phoenix App & Creating Your Database
3 Creating Your Tables with Phoenix Schema Generators!
4 Understanding Changesets & Data Validation
5 Persisting Data to Your Database - Inserting & Querying Data

The 3rd and original course which is the Chat App Course is just under 3 hour of content as follows

Chat App Course
1 Project Introduction
2 Project Setup
3 Building our Home Page
4 Creating our Topic Page
5 Tailwind CSS: Paths for this Course
6 Tailwind CSS: Three Column Layout
7 Tailwind CSS: Chat Messages Placeholder
8 Tailwind CSS: Left Column
9 Tailwind CSS: Right Column
10 Tailwind CSS: Finished (SKIP TO HERE for Boilerplate Code) and Summary
11 Back to Coding - Adding our Message Form
12 Displaying our Topic Name
13 How to Install Hex Packages and Creating Users
14 Setting up our Event Handlers for Chat Messages
15 How to use Pub Sub to Broadcast over our Topics
16 Creating Helper Functions in Phoenix LiveView (for our messages)
17 Displaying Messages on our Topics Pages
18 Refactoring our Message Data to Carry User Information
19 Refactoring our Phoenix LiveView Code to be More Efficient: Part 1
20 Refactoring our Phoenix LiveView Code to be More Efficient: Part 2 (cleanup)
21 Displaying Users Online with Phoenix Presence
22 Finishing Touches with TailwindCSS: Making it Feel Like a Chat
23.1 Congratulations: Project Summary
23.2 One Last Touchup to Usernames
24 Feedback for Project Walkthrough of the Chat App
25 Deploying the chat app live to the web!

You also have access to any updates and additions I make to the courses and for lifetime members you will also receive all future course launches as well! (Many earlier supporters here actually just got the new course airdropped into their members portal last night! Shoutout to the lifetime supporters thank you!!!)


Hey Ryan, this looks promising! Thank you for sharing more details about what the course(s) contain.

I had another question: what is the difference between the Phoenix 1.7 LiveView Course (FULL VERSION) and the Lifetime Access products, both currently at USD $97. After starting the first video from the free version (Welcome - How to Consume this Course), I notice you explain it there. As a humble suggestion, surfacing these details here and/or on the site might make it easier for other folks to make a decision too.

Thanks for putting this all together, Ryan; I’m enthusiastic about how this continues to unfold! :raised_hands:


I highly recommend the courses.

Ryan is skilled at presenting both the technical details and how they fit together in the big picture.
The video and audio quality are top-notch, and the pace is very suitable for writing code simultaneously.

Well done, and I’m glad I purchased lifelong access.