Programmatic scheduling of quantum jobs - leakage?

I posted a discussion thread on GitHub before I remembered I can use elixir forum, so officially I posted this question here first:

For some reason, when using Quantum with Highlander and programmatic scheduling of quantum jobs on startup and on update/delete of some specific database rows, I have seen that there is something left behind when only using add_job and expecting it to work as upsert.

So I added delete_job before that and the log message

[debug] Scheduling job for execution

is no longer spammed the number of times I have called add_job … think about greater usage of this, where like 10 persons do 10 edits at 10 different schedules this would amount 100 x [debug] Scheduling job for execution … -_- … AND yes of course… it’s only debug log message, but the point still remains. The library will still call out do to this debug log 100 times …