Programming Phoenix ≥ 1.4 - release date? (Update: beta out now!)

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Release date is May 2017. Can’t wait for it.

Programming Phoenix revision: What's up?

I am pretty sure Programming Phoenix 1.4 will be even better :slight_smile:


Get it from Pragprog and you’ll probably get a free update (digital books only mind!) :lol:


I was going to buy the ebook from the pragprog website now, but then I saw this. Do you really get the updated version or should I just wait?


Perhaps you could email them and ask and then let us know as what they say? But when I bought Programming Elixir 1.2 I got version 1.3 free, look here:

Also don’t forget you can get 25% off via our competition site :023:


Don’t take things for granted. Dave Thomas is in a special position inside of the Pragmatic Bookshelf and even then it was still generous of him to offer the free eBook upgrade. Ultimately people deserve to be rewarded/remunerated for their efforts. [quote=“rkma, post:4, topic:2469, full:true”]
I was going to buy the ebook from the pragprog website now, but then I saw this. Do you really get the updated version or should I just wait?
You would have to wait at least to next May, possibly later. This isn’t a reference book but more a guided tour of the framework by the way of working on a small project, so you should be perfectly fine with the current edition as long as you restrict yourself to Phoenix 1.1.6 so that you avoid problems like this. After that you should be perfectly capable of catching up on the updates via the framework documentation.

You could wait to see if Pragmatic Bookshelf will have a (40% off) Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale (which may or may not work in combination with the 25% site discount).


I on the other hand did the book with 1.2 and find the extra work needed to make examples work a nice little challenge and lesson :slight_smile:


True, sticking with the most current version can deepen the learning experience - if one is prepared to accept the (sometimes significant) additional time investment and frustration - which in the case of “Programming Phoenix” shouldn’t be too bad - though in general to a large extent it depends on one’s background and experience.

Also before beginning ensure that you have the most recent version of brunch installed - it seems that new Node and old brunch don’t get along.


Just saying but PragProg try to always offer or a big reduction or a full free upgrade for their ebooks that get updated.


Is May 2017 (6 months from now) the actual estimate by the authors?


Will I get the update for free :laughing:


I sent them an email and they confirmed:

Once the new version is released, it will be a free upgrade for customers who purchased the current version.

I knew from their FAQ that you do get free updates for ebooks:

When you buy an eBook directly from us on our website, you’re entitled to free updates for the lifetime of that edition of the book (if we create a new edition, then that will be a separate purchase).

But I wasn’t sure if this is a new edition or not. Maybe the cover picture changing means a new edition :stuck_out_tongue: (plus reworking the whole book probably).


It’s important to support OS authors as books are one of the few sources of revenue they earn from their efforts as OS developers. The least we can do is support them by buying the books.


I am buying.


Sorry didn’t mean to reply directly to you :slight_smile: with that post


Haha. But I totally agree with you, they do put a lot of effort writing these books and the quality is excellent.


Time to pounce!

PragProg: Black Friday Annual Sale: 40% off now! (Nov.23 - Dec. 02)


Bleh I already own all the Elixir books I want, no idea what I can use the sale for. Maybe “Web Development in Clojure”?


Just got it! Awesome deal! :smile:


I worked through it during the beta phase - it is a nice “working with Clojure” guided project after some basic exposure through something like Living Clojure or Clojure for the Brave and True. However you may that find Luminus isn’t your cup of tea once you’ve been exposed to Phoenix - at that point you are probably better off poking away at Arachne (which I suspect integrates experience gained with Pedestal) on your own.