Programming Phoenix and Video Streaming

I have been reading the Programming Phoenix book by Chris McCord, I’m reading the chapter regarding the facilitation of youtube videos on the web application, but I was wondering if the book covers directly uploading videos through phoenix, and perhaps allowing buffered streaming through phoenix also?

I haven’t really started reading the Phoenix in Action book, as it is ostensibly more advanced than the Programming Phoenix one, but does anyone know if that book covers file, specifically video and image uploads, to forums perhaps?

Also, does anyone know of any tutorials that showcase out of the box video sharing capabilities from phoenix/elixir?


Was it something I said?

Just as an aside the … In Action series from Manning targets the upper end of beginner to intermediate experience levels, the … In Depth is their advanced series. I would not assume the Manning book here specifically is notably more in-depth, but I haven’t read it personally so I cannot say.

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As for this piece, Phoenix and Elixir don’t actually have any out of the box capabilities in this regard. They have no special treatment for video hosting whatsoever.

You might find the Membrane Framework interesting as a set of Elixir libraries that work in this problem space.


Yes I believe I read somewhere than the Programming series was for introductory to intermediate and the In Action is generally for intermediate, I did not know about the In Depth Series, and I will take a look at that books description for any indication as to whether it discusses video streaming.

Thank you.

This looks really promising I’m taking a look now, thanks

Hmm it seems there is no in depth version at the moment, so I would have to assume the Programming and In Action ones will cover most of what is needed for the framework.