Programming Phoenix book read

This is a two part question/opinion post.

I have been reading Dave Thomas’s Elixir 1.0 book and just finished Part-II (OTP & Agents section). I bought the Programming Phoenix book today and debating whether I should jump into that rightaway or finish part-III of the Elixir book

Assuming I start on the Phoenix book now (& I am leaning that way), is there any interest in a discussion based on some criteria (could have a seperate post for each chapter or however it seems fit. Open to ideas)?


In my opinion if you are in part 3 of the Programming Elixir book then I think you should just finish it first. If you’re not in a hurry to learn Phoenix then I’d also recommend to work on a small project in Elixir first before jumping into Phoenix. Phoenix really is a beast on its own and a good grasp of Elixir can really help you understand the framework.


Thanks @sashaafm Though it’s tempting to grab the new book, I will heed your advice and complete reading it. I have been sticking to the chapter exercises so far. So, I need to pick something(s) to create using Elixir to get a better grip. Time to hunt some project ideas.


If you’re interested then I’d be glad to show you one of my projects Exads.

You can read more about it here and you’re more than welcome to contribute if you want :slight_smile:


I also recommend to read Metaprogramming Elixir by Chris McCord (the person who build the Phoenix framework) By reading this book you get a great understanding about how a framework as Phoenix works deeper down.

When I started learning Rails I took the wrong approach in my opinion. It read a small bit about Ruby and started with a book about Rails. I got a bit confused about which part of the code was Ruby specific and which was Rails (since Rails adds some extra functionality to the default Ruby). So you should learn Elixir first ;)!


Yes, any ideas are most welcome and appreciated. I will take a look at it soon.

@brianvanburken Funny you mention the meta programming book. I bought the Phoenix and meta book today. The meta book seems to be a faster read so I will squeeze it in before moving to Phoenix.

It is indeed a quick read. I see it as an extra but essential appendix to Programming Elixir.

Agree with everyone else - finish the PE book first.

I am tempted to go str8 to the Phoenix book after PE, but I am going to try and use will power to read my other Elixir books first :lol: