Programming Phoenix book step-by-step source code

If you have Programming Phoenix book, You can follow along the book or jump to a section by using git tags. I carefully documented all of the changes while going through the entire book.


Hi Omin, community initiatives are great but just checking, did you do this with Pragprog’s permission? It’s just that the source code (indeed, any part of the book) will be copyrighted and generally you need permission before you can publish elsewhere.

Exceptions are usually small excerpts.

I was worried about the same thing but since there are already so many github repositories of the source code, although not well documented, I didn’t think too much of it. The source code is also available I just polished it so we can jump back and forth.

Regardless, you are right about getting permission so I just emailed them asking for if it’s alright.


Done! :smile: