Programming Phoenix LiveView has just been updated - and we've got TEN copies to give away!

I have an older version of the book, can I get the updated version as well?

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I think you mean Programming Phoenix 1.4, right? It’s a different book. This one is still in beta and therefore would receive updates at least up to it’s final release.

This book is in Beta, final version expected Jun 2023

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Much respect to the authors, Bruce Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto, who give so much of themselves. Although I’ve not met either of them, I have been impressed by their commitment to teaching and advocating for Elixir and Phoenix through effective pedagogy across numerous presentations and writings. This book, which I already own, is just one great example.


I love how easy it is to create an interactive app.


All the books written by Bruce and Sophie are wonderful. For the last decade, Bruce has done great job. I have already read Programming Phoenix LiveView, and eager to see the updated version, I guess Part IV of the book might be finished.


Whoa! Just woke up to the email notification announcing this 7 hours ago.

Please allow my delayed submission due to a few hours’ time zone delta? :bulb:

I would REALLY appreciate a copy of Programming Phoenix LiveView. I’ve been a full-time Ruby, Rails, Elixir/OTP and Phoenix LiveView student for months and always appreciate assistance getting quality learning material :pray:t5: I’m literally on the final chapter of the Elixir course at The Pragmatic Studio. My next learning subject right after that is Phoenix LiveView!

Things I love about Phoenix, LiveView and the book Programming Phoenix LiveView:

  • Phoenix: I was drawn to it after reading success stories while seeking a developer-friendly alternative to Rails. A bonus is running on top of Erlang’s BEAM and the resilience that it brings. A huge win.

  • LiveView: Highly interactive, high performance, resource efficiency and not having to use JavaScript! I am super excited about LiveView Native, which I’ve been following since it was announced. The Phoenix LiveView stack is a compelling option for solo developers and teams wanting to be productive without sacrificing happiness or having to take VC money to pay for thousands of servers (that would be a great predicament to be in, though).

  • Programming Phoenix LiveView
    It is updated to the newest versions of Elixir and Phoenix, which have had important updates themselves. Access to current learning material helps eliminate confusion and keeps developers in tune with progress.

I could go on and on but, </rant>

Please consider an 11th recipient? :cowboy_hat_face:


I noticed the sample codes for the book (downloaded from pragprog), doesn’t cover the “Give It a Try” section. Example, page 79.

How can I refer to solutions recommended by the book author? I can only find bits here and there from the internet. Any help? Thanks.

Which part are you having trouble with?

Any solutions codes for the exercises for ease of reference?

There’s a forum for the book but it’s pretty quiet. If you have a burning question, you could create a new post on this forum. Or you can let me know which question you were having a problem with, and I could suggest a solution if I have one.

The exercises are more like bonus challenges for the reader from what I could tell, as opposed to specific requirements for completing the book, thus the lack of available solutions that I am aware of. Personally, I completed most of them but skipped a couple for the sake of time.


Any idea how to do this? I know as mentioned it will be covered in later chapters, but I am thinking how to do this at this chapter. :sweat_smile:

Show a restart message and button when the user wins. 
Hint: you might want to check out the live_patch/2[14] function to help you build that button. 
You can treat this last challenge as a stretch goal. 
We’ll get into live_patch/2 in greater detail in upcoming chapters.

To highlight the fast change of pace in LiveView, note that live_patch has been deprecated. To be honest, I think any sort of URL navigation is overkill for such an exercise. You can just check the current state of the game in the template:

<%= if @current_score != @points_needed_to_win do %>
  game stuff here
<% else %>
  victory stuff here (restart button with it&#39;s own `phx-click` event which resets the score, etc.)
<% end %>

There is also a book club, which also has gone a bit quiet. Programming Phoenix LiveView Book Club! .

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The dev forum for the book escaped me as well. thank you.

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wah, so the book is not updated :frowning: Thanks for sharing though.

It’s decently up to date, and the author said very recently to expect another update within the next few weeks.

Like I said, LiveView moves fast. The vast majority of the book is still relevant.

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I really hope liveview to be at least stable soon. :pray: