Programming Phoenix LiveView has just been updated - and we've got TEN copies to give away!

Programming Phoenix LiveView has just been updated for Phoenix 1.7 and LiveView 0.18, and we’ve teamed up with our friends at the @PragmaticBookshelf to give you the chance to win one of TEN eBooks!


Simple - just tell us one thing you love about Phoenix, LiveView, or the book in this thread and the first 10 people to comment WIN!

For those who miss the opportunity don’t forget you can get 35% off with our coupon code, and those who need their arm twisting, check out what everyone has been saying about the book in its official thread here: Programming Phoenix LiveView (PragProg) :orange_heart:

For those who already have a copy and want to join our book club (which we will be starting soon) PM @AstonJ to get added to the list! :023:


What do I like about Phoenix and LiveView? Where do I start?!

  • Enjoyment working with an Elixir-based framework
  • Performance
  • Pretty much everything one needs out of the box without an over-bloated system(tests suite, server included, no need for JS, migrations)
  • It is aLIVE! LiveView is a stepping stone in how we build the web and what responsiveness actually means.
  • All books I have from PragProg are quality so I am sure this one will be as well!

I love the fact that LiveView allows developers to stay entirely in Elixir and still build rich web applications. Prior to learning Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView I had 0 web experience, so the ability to learn a single language and framework rather than having to learn a backend and frontend language and framework made getting into web so much easier.


I am still dipping my toes on LiveView, but my very basic tests were pretty nice.
Also, Phoenix.Component is so nice to write composable components


I love that I have a job in it


Learning about Phoenix is hypnotic! I am so excited for this book :smiley: :smiley:


Commenting just for saying kuddos!

Now I’ll just need to restart from the beginning :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t count me in the first 10 as I already own the book :slight_smile:


I love Phoenix and LiveView since it makes what I thought was hard in other frameworks, like creating a functioning simple chat application, into something that is easy.

Also, not having to bother with JavaScript is an instant win :wink:


I appreciate being able to put together dynamic UI prototypes without too much context switchng.

Also I’m starting to appreciate Phoenix Channels more :smiley:


Stateful connections are much easier to reason about and work with when it comes to event handling, so thanks LiveView!


Im still learning Phoenix and elixir and have big plans for both.

Liveview looks very great for making rich interactive things


I love piping functions!


That’s our ten everyone - congrats to all the above, I will be in touch soon! :023:

For those who missed out…


I know ten people already mentioned and I already have the book but I’ll still mention one thing I like about Phoenix LiveView is how seamless the development experience is, little context switch without as many trade offs as one would expect.


Yes, please feel free to keep posting why you love Phoenix :023:

And you’re gonna join our book club, right Mafinar? :003:


Yes. Need to brush up my LV skills

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I love the fact that there’s no JavaScript


Looks like I missed out :frowning:

But I love the Elixir’s concurrency story.


Amazing! I won that ebook recently and 8 hours ago I got an email notification about update. Didn’t expected they would giveaway extra copies.

You are receiving this email because you purchased the product Programming Phoenix LiveView from us in the past. This message is to let you know that a new version is available for download. (…)

The seller has added the following message for this update:

B9.0 Updates include:

This rewrite is our most extensive to date. Most of the changes are based on the new features in components, heex, tailwind.css, and generators.

  • Updated code to use recent versions of LiveView (0.18.x) and Phoenix (1.7).
  • Updated relevant chapters to reflect changes in these recent versions.
  • Updated chapters to use new calling style (HTML-style arguments passed into a single assigns attribute, and attr keywords.).
  • Added some basic tailwind discussion
  • Added Tailwind discussion, and used CoreComponents where possible.
  • Updated discussion on file uploads.
  • Updated code and prose with new included phx.auth.gen generators for liveview
  • Updated discussion on on_mount and live_session
  • Updates for verified routes and navigation
  • JavaScript client side events/hooks/scripts
  • Addressed errata.



Thanks for mentioning these here.

I hadn’t read the updates until now. Wow I must say this is something I hadn’t expected. My gratitude to the authors to update the book so promptly