Programming Phoenix - two books?

I noticed there are two versions of Programming Phoenix on The Pragmatic Bookshelf. One just came out today and is titled “Programming Phoenix >= 1.4” (, and the other (which I own) titled just “Programming Phoenix” (

Is it a mistake or do we actually have to buy the >= 1.4 version even though we already own the old one?

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In your pragprog account there should be an 80% off coupon to upgrade to the latest version of the book assuming you bought the original there.

Where do I find it? I tried adding the new book to the cart and proceed to check out but there is not coupon applied.

You should get your coupon under Accounts menu. Like mentionned in this post.

Found it, thanks!

Hello, sorry for the post revive. Anyone know if the coupon still exists? or have to buy new book at full price?, i own the first book, titled just “Programming Phoenix”.

Only You can tell… It should be under your accounts menu. But those coupons have an expiry date.

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