[Proposal/poll] Emoji / annotations / CLDR localisation

CLDR has developed a lot of content to annotate emoji and other characters. I am considering a new library (ex_cldr_annotations) to expose that content. A poll is at the end of this post for anyone motivated to provide me some feedback as to whether this would be useful.

What would this library do?

  • Encode annotations (emoji) from text. For example:
iex> Cldr.Annotation.encode "why is your cat grinning?"
`["why is your ", {"😸", "grinning cat"}, "?"]`
  • Look up emoji that could be used in a live view UI. For example:
iex> Cldr.Annotation.lookup "cat"
[😸", 😹", "🙀", ...]

iex> Cldr.Annotation.lookup "Katze", locale: "de"
[😸", 😹", "🙀", ...]

And of course other functions can be added as appropriate.

Please Provide some feedback about this proposal

  • Not even slightly interested
  • Maybe helpful in the future but no clear use case for me
  • I don’t care about localisation, but emoji lookups in English would be helpful
  • Yes, good idea, I can use this to encode emojis for localised text and improve application UX

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I am fully on board. People use a lot of stuff on their phones where screen space is precious so judicious use of an emoji here and there can really help both in terms of compressing more content on the same screen and making it a bit more expressive.

That being said, replacing the literal “cat grinning” text with an emoji that’s technically called “grinning cat” is confusing and I wouldn’t find it helpful. It changes the text from “Why is your cat grinning?” to “Why is your grinning cat?” which kind of sounds like Drax in “Infinity War” famously exclaiming: “WHY is Gamora?”. :003: