Pros and cons of vs’s upcoming scalable (managed) Postrgres looks really nice. Are there any downsides / challenges with hosting a Phoenix app on Render instead of


Good question, shame that nobody chimed in.

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I haven’t tried, but I have deployed a small application to Render and found it very easy. I’m simply using this small shell script to build the application and I’m using their Postgres offering with no problems:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errexit

# Install dependencies
mix deps.get --only prod

# Compile assets
MIX_ENV=prod mix compile
MIX_ENV=prod mix assets.deploy

# Create release
MIX_ENV=prod mix release --overwrite

I didn’t know about, only Good to know. :slight_smile:

Render - much easier to setup, can deploy via git push, more expensive - setup process is buggier and frustrating, have to manually deploy new changes, but much cheaper + works well with Phoenix LiveView

I normally use, but I switched to Render because I could not get flyctl to deploy my app at all. Overall, both are pretty good once your app is running in prod.


For transparency, I work at Render.

Thanks to @theodore and @jakobsen for sharing your experience with Render!

We do deploy from a git repo (github, gitlab, bitbucket), and we also have a few infrastructure-as-code options, such as our blueprints, and recently open sourced a Terraform provider as well.

I’m pretty new to Elixir, but if there’s anything I can help with about the platform, let me know!


I’ve been using Render for a long time, zero issues with them. They are the real deal. Love them a bunch! I never felt scared or on shaky ground when using their services.

I’ve tried all of these in the past 12 months exploring the landscape. In a linear graph from “Heroku” to “VPS do-it-yourself”:

Heroku    Render     Railway     NorthFlank    Fly   DigitalOcean

What did you dislike about Railway or NorthFlank btw?

Railway wouldn’t let me shell into a running box. In Render, I can click on Shell and then ./bin/myapp remote to get a rails console like experience.

Northflank had a lot of flexibility but I didn’t need that at that point in time. I just wanted a turnkey solution like Render.

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