ProtoREPL, could we borrow ideas? Could we do it?

There’s a great video about a REPL vizualization/live coding tool for Clojure called ProtoREPL and it looks really nice! There’s a cool inline code result here in the video. It’s built on Atom, and I feel like if the concept works for Clojure, why not Elixir?

Check out this gif from their repo.

Would anyone be interested in hacking with Ink to make an Elixir Atom plugin?


check out emacs alchemist you’ll either get some ideas or fall in love

Yeah, I’ve seen alchemist, and it looks very nice. It would be great to have something similar in… not emacs. :slight_smile:


The alchemist server is completely independent, and I think it’s used by some other editors already.

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I’m down to help with anything, i dont use atom anymore since moving to spacemacs but it sounds like a fun project as well as being good for the community.

Alchemist currently doesn’t support pry. Though there is a github issue for that.
If spacemacs is open then we can’t debug through our terminal also.

Apart from this it’s really very cool. Though I don’t know if something like protoREPL is entirely possible with spacemacs now.

@Irosa007 which feature of spacemacs/alchemist do you use the most?

Just to be clear spacemacs is just emacs but with some community configs. With that being said I don’t see why E-lisp wouldn’t be capable of such a thing as protoREPL. I’m pretty sure a lot of clojure people actually really like emacs so something similar might already exist for emacs but I’m not a clojure guy. There’s also a spacemacs-like setup for Atom called proton. Regardless, I believe the OP wants something similar to clojure’s dev environment with Atom but for elixir. Alchemist is not dependent on emacs either.

As far as which features I use the most from spacemacs/alchemist… pretty much all of it: Doc look up, some of the phoenix stuff like route look up, major mode commands ( ‘,-t-a’ runs all tests for example), etc.

Yeah, I may need to just double down on spacemacs, if that’s where the community is. Proton looks super nice for day to day editing while I’m getting better a spacemacs. But what I’m really interested in is the data display beyond the inline eval.